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If you have misaligned teeth and don’t want noticeable braces, all of us at Amy Richter Orthodontics have good news for your smile. Dr. Amy Richter can fully straighten your teeth using an advanced orthodontic technology called a clear aligner which is an almost invisible solution to crooked teeth.

So how do clear aligners work? It is an intricate science that Dr. Amy Richter is fully educated in, which makes the treatment easy for you. Simply put, Dr. Amy Richter will take a mold of your teeth and will translate the impression into a digital model. she will then skillfully plan a route to individually straighten each tooth. Using this route, the aligners are created to fix the teeth step-by-step. Basically, the every aligner has a straighter tooth pattern then the last one. The number of aligners depends on the current condition of your teeth. If they are drastically misaligned, then you will need more.

When treatment begins, Dr. Amy Richter will specify how often you should begin wearing a new aligner. You will be happy to see how fast your teeth are progressing. It’s an amazing method, and can be finished in under a year.

To see if clear aligners are the right fit for your teeth, call our Amy Richter Orthodontics in Buffalo, New York, by calling 716-239-4815.