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Have you heard of crossbites, overbites or underbites? They are types of malocclusions. A malocclusion is where your jaw becomes misaligned, causing it to jut out farther than normal or get positioned in an irregular way. Sometimes the misalignment can go so far that you start to feel discomfort or are faced with other issues. Fortunately, these issues can be corrected.

So what can happen? If a malocclusion is very pronounced, you may notice some discomfort in your face or in your jaws. You may also have trouble with talking and eating because of the discomfort. What could be happening is that the misaligned jaws are putting strain on the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). The TMJ is what attaches the upper and lower jaws together and allows them to open and close, and it can get strained if the jaws are too far out of alignment.

A malocclusion can also bring your teeth to rub on each other, which is something they are not really supposed to do. Rubbing too much can wear on the enamel, which is the hard surface of your teeth. Enamel is an important factor in protecting your teeth from decay, and they can be more susceptible to decay without the enamel.

Now, we hope you understand that having a malocclusion does not mean that you will have these problems. These issues may happen if a malocclusion is very pronounced. If you do feel discomfort because of a malocclusion, we can help you here at Amy Richter Orthodontics in Buffalo, New York. Our orthodontist, Dr. Amy Richter, is happy to serve you. In order to get things set up for your appointment, please call 716-239-4815.