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It may seem like you will be stuck wearing your braces for the rest of your life, but at some point it will be time for them to come off, even if it seems like that day will never come. It will be a relief to have them off, but you won’t quite be done with the process just yet.

To make sure that your teeth settle into their new positions, our orthodontist, Dr. Amy Richter will fit you for a retainer. The retainer will make sure that your teeth and jaw ligaments adjust. There are two types of retainers. A fixed retainer is cemented in place behind your upper teeth and is often placed on younger children. A removable retainer can be taken out for meals, sports or other activities. If you do need to take your retainer out, you should make sure that you place it in the container that the orthodontist gives you to make sure you keep it safe. Retainers can be easy to lose and are expensive to replace.

You will need to clean your retainer every day. If you have a fixed retainer, you will need to brush twice a day and floss it once a day. If you have problems flossing your retainer, try using a floss threader, floss pick or a water flosser. To clean a removable retainer, scrub it very gently with a soft-bristled toothbrush and a vinegar and water solution. It is also a good idea to soak it overnight in a denture solution to help keep it clean.

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