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Orthodontics is a precious branch of dentistry that straightens smiles. Orthodontic treatment often includes braces as the star player. This device is made up of stainless steel spacers that attach to your teeth and link together through the use of an archwire. The archwire is adjusted each six to eight weeks by your orthodontist, Dr. Amy Richter, slowly shifting your teeth into a perfect bite. A straight smile can benefit you in these ways:

– Orthodontics can fix malocclusions or misalignments of the top and bottom arches, such as overbites, underbites, crossbites, open bites and others.
– Orthodontics can straighten your crowded teeth or close in the gaps between your teeth.
– Straight teeth will decrease your risk of dental injury or tooth decay; it provides fewer places for bacteria to hide or and your teeth will rub against each other less.
– It will enhance the beauty of your smile and in some cases the cut of the jaw as well.
– An even bite can defend the jaw joints and surrounding cartilage from future damage and therefore decrease your chance of acquiring jaw disorders like TMD or bruxism.
– It will help to heal or prevent other disorders such as a cleft lip and palate or mild sleep apnea.

With all these benefits, the value of a straight smile is clear. If you or a member of your family would like orthodontic treatment, you can ring Amy Richter Orthodontics in Buffalo, New York at 716-239-4815 for a personal consultation.