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If you’re aligning your teeth with braces, then you need to follow Dr. Amy Richter’s instructions. Those instructions can help you have a successful orthodontic journey and can even help you get your braces off faster. One instruction she gives you is to have a braces-friendly diet when you are aligning your teeth.

The major reason for this instruction is because it helps you maintain a fully functional orthodontic appliance. This is needed in order to achieve the smile of your dreams. If you eat foods that are damaging to your braces, like caramel, apples, and more, then there is a good chance you can break your brackets and bend or break your wires. At this point, your appliance is no longer effective. In fact, it might even guide your teeth in the wrong direction. This can delay your treatment time if you’re not careful.

Another reason why this is important is because it helps you have a strong and healthy smile. If you eat foods that are bad for your teeth and braces, then there is a chance you can fall victim to dental problems like cavities, periodontal disease, and enamel erosion. This can complicate the orthodontic process.

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