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Typically, children begin with 20 primary teeth, and then their oral structures grow and expand over time to allow for 32 permanent teeth. However, some patients may receive extra teeth or have multiple teeth trying to erupt into a smaller mouth. This can affect the bite pattern and increase your risk of receiving a fractured or chipped tooth.

If your child needs braces but has overcrowded teeth, our orthodontist may recommend the removal of a tooth.

Overcrowding in your child’s smile may necessitate for Dr. Amy Richter to arrange for a tooth extraction prior to placing braces so that the remaining teeth have enough space to shift into their proper formations. Following the extraction of a tooth, we will provide you and your child with some basic aftercare instructions to prevent dental complications and help their smile heal quickly.  

If needed, we can prescribe a pain reliever to help your child stay comfortable, but he or she will need to take it as instructed and only at appropriate times. During the first few days, your child will need to chew on the opposite side of their mouth so that the extraction site is not disrupted. Drinking through a straw should be avoided as well, or else the blood clot formed at the extraction site could be dislodged from the suction.

If your child needs braces but his or her teeth seem to be overcrowded, we invite you to visit Dr. Amy Richter at Amy Richter Orthodontics to discuss the possibility of tooth extraction before braces in Buffalo, New York.