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The traditional braces installed in your mouth at Amy Richter Orthodontics’s orthodontic clinic created a dynamic system that allowed our orthodontist, Dr. Amy Richter, to gradually correct the alignment of your teeth. Even after she uninstalls the orthodontic hardware components from your mouth, there will still be some lingering tension leftover from your adjustments.

If it isn’t countered by the regular use of a retainer, the latent tension could cause your teeth to gradually relapse out of their ideal orientation.

Dr. Richter commonly provides a Hawley retainer to prevent relapse. It is a custom shaped piece of acrylic that fits into the upper portion of your mouth. It is locked in place by a series of rigid wires that lock onto specific teeth. When worm it holds the upper teeth in their intended location.

If you had an overcrowding issue or a significant malocclusion in one area Dr. Richter might recommend installing a fixed retainer behind the teeth. This non-removable metal band that is cemented in place to hold the teeth in place.  

If your teeth were corrected at Dr. Amy Richter’s orthodontic clinic in Buffalo, New York, and you have a retainer question you can always call 716-239-4815 to speak to a staff member. We look forward to helping you create the straight, confident smile you deserve!